We research and document advisor qualifications for investors.

Paladin Research

Paladin is the only SEC registered firm that vets, validates, and documents the qualifications of financial advisors and firms for individual investors.

Online Questionnaire

Paladin uses an online questionnaire to gather four types of information from financial advisors:

  • Credentials: Experience, education, certifications
  • Ethics: Compliance, fiduciary status, transparency
  • Business Practices: Compensation, communications, reporting
  • Services: Planning, investment, insurance, tax, legal


All information is password protected and held in the strictest confidence until advisors are approved and activated in the Registry. Upon activation:

  • Advisor profiles can be viewed by investors in the Paladin Directory
  • Our match emails contain a link to advisor profiles
  • Investors review profiles and visit advisor websites

Review Process

Our research team reviews your questionnaire responses and conducts online research:

  • FINRA and/or SEC documentation
  • Results from Google name searches for advisors and firms
  • Content on advisor websites
  • Content on third party websites

In general, there is no cost or obligation when Paladin reviews your qualifications. We reserve the right to charge a fee for firms that want to profile more than three professionals.

Approval Process

Paladin Research approves all firms and professionals before they are activated in the Registry.

The approval process takes three business days after Paladin receives complete data from financial advisors.

Professional Profiles

Paladin uses questionnaire responses to produce online profiles that document financial advisor credentials, ethics, business practices, and services. Investors view the profiles to learn more about financial advisors before they meet with them.

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The Internet is changing the way investors find, screen, and contact financial advisors.

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How can we help?