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Your website has one opportunity to convert visitors into leads.

The 10 Second Challenge

When investors visit financial advisor websites, a recent survey showed they form their first impressions in 10 seconds or less.  This impression impacts the amount of time they spend on advisor websites – it can be 10 seconds (exit) to 3 minutes (learn more).

A great first impression is critical, but your website must also be competitive with other financial advisor websites. According to the survey, a typical investor who uses the Internet to find and research financial advisors will visit 6-8 websites and contact 3 of them.

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The Virtual Difference

Virtual marketing is more complex than traditional marketing. In traditional, face-to-face situations you can use your sales skills to convince investors to buy what you are selling. In a virtual environment, your website must convince investors to give-up their anonymity and contact you.

If your website fails to do its job, there is no sales opportunity – traditional or virtual.

Your website introduces your firm to investors by delivering the types of information they are seeking when they visit financial advisor websites. The messaging, content, and free offers on the website have to be compelling enough to convince investors to contact you.

How many digital marketing agencies specialize in developing lead generation websites for financial planning and investment firms?

Paladin Digital Marketing! We do not mass produce websites. We build custom sites that produce leads.

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Persona Marketing

All of our digital marketing services are designed to reach your ideal types of clients and convert them into qualified leads for your services.

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The SEO Challenge

We develop websites that are optimized for all of Google’s requirements: Website content, blog articles, social media, Local SEO.

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Benefits vs Features

Most financial advisor websites are loaded with features. Investors want to know how those features benefit them.

We use an eight-step process for designing, developing and managing websites:

  • Discovery: We begin with interviews that help us identify key features and benefits that differentiate firms
  • Research: We research competition and ideal clients (personas) to develop the right messaging and content
  • Design: We design a visually compelling website that is based on responsive user elements
  • Development: We program a custom, lead generation website for you
  • Launch: We launch your website after rigorous testing and analysis
  • Hosting: We host and maintain the website for you
  • Monitor: We monitor conversion rates and other metrics to make sure your website is meeting expectations
  • Grow: Our team of Inbound Marketing experts increase your Internet visibility and drive traffic to your website

Fee Arrangement

We have five service levels and three types of fees to accommodate your requirements and budget.

  • A one-time onboarding fee for start-up services
  • A fixed monthly retainer for websites and Inbound Marketing
  • A one-time fee or retainer for individual services

Digital Marketing Results

Our reports document the three most important metrics that measure your digital marketing success:

  • Your Internet visibility
  • Your website’s traffic
  • Your website’s conversion rate

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How can we help?