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Who, What, Why?

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Who We Serve

Our only type of client is a financial advisory firm (RIA) or professional (IAR) who provides planning and/or investment services to individual investors.

Our clients are financial fiduciaries who are compensated with fees or fees & commissions (hybrids).

Advisors may also provide insurance, tax, or legal services or are affiliated with third parties who provide these types of services and products.

We also provide turnkey solutions to new RIAs who may be breakaway brokers or are going independent for the first time.

What We Do

We provide lead generation, digital marketing, and consulting services

Paladin’s Registry is our lead generation service:

  • Investors use the content on this website to learn more about financial advisors
  • They use Registry services to find Paladin approved advisors in their communities
  • They use Registry documentation to research advisors

We provide three types of digital marketing services to advisors who want to produce their own leads:

  • Inbound marketing to increase Internet visibility and website traffic
  • Custom, lead generation websites
  • Digital Marketing Consulting

Advisors can also retain Paladin to be their digital marketing department. We provide all of the resources and services advisors need to develop, manage, and operate a successful online marketing effort.

 Why Paladin?

Our core expertise is producing leads for financial advisors.

We provide marketing advice and services to hundreds of financial firms and professionals.

We are a unique blend of specialized financial service industry knowledge and digital marketing expertise:

  • We know how investors use the Internet to find and select financial advisors
  • We know financial advisor best practices for digital marketing
  • We create competitive advantage for financial advisors
  • We have produced more than 325,000 leads

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Paladin Digital Marketing is an array of cost effective services that produce new clients for financial advisors.

The Internet is changing the way investors find, screen, and contact financial advisors.

We are digital marketing experts. We make the Internet your best source for new clients.
How can we help?

How can we help?