Your website has a one-time opportunity to convert a visitor into a lead.

Lead Generation Websites

Paladin designs and develops custom lead generation websites that:

  • Are optimized to maximize your Internet visibility
  • Provide relevant content for your ideal types of clients
  • Add multiple free offers that require registration
  • Are connected to CRM systems that drip relevant content
  • Produce a steady flow of qualified leads

Your Current Website

There is a good chance your current website has traffic, but it does not convert a significant percentage of that traffic into qualified leads.

What is a good conversion rate? Let’s start with 1.5% of visitors. If you have 6,000 visitors per year, your website should produce 90 leads. Higher conversion rates are possible if you have a website that is designed to produce increased leads.

1.5% seem low? Every financial advisor website faces the same challenge – convincing visitors to give-up their anonymity and submit their contact information. Additional surveys show investors have four primary reasons for withholding this information:

  • They are naturally cautious when decisions impact their financial secutiry
  • They found your firm on the Internet, but they don’t know your firm
  • The financial service industry has a reputation for aggressive sales tactics
  • They don’t know what you will do with their data

Your website has three minutes to overcome these concerns and convince visitors to submit their contact information.

Difficulty Level: 10

Financial advisor websites are dealing with a unique challenge that other markets do not have to deal with – for example, tax and legal. Your advice and services impact the financial well-being of your clients. On a scale of 1-10 (high) the difficulty rating for financial advisor websites is 10.

Why so difficult? A bad decision by investors can damage their financial security forever, in particular during their retirement years. This is the prinicpal reason why financial advisor websites do not produce more leads.

Paladin’s lead generation websites are designed to overcome investor concerns.

Credibility & Trust

We build, support, and maintain lead generation websites that are based on best practices. Investors must believe the following before they become leads for your services:

  • You are a financial expert
  • You are trustworthy
  • You are better than your competitors
  • Contact does not create any unnecessary risk

Transparency matters! Investors have to believe what they see before they will submit their contact information.

The Safe Choice

Safety may be more important than transparency. When investors do not know your firm, they have to believe their contact information will be protected – nothing bad will happen that damages their financial interests.

Investors are naturally cautious when they use the Internet to find financial advisors because there is substantial risk when they contact people they don’t really know.

This concern is valid and it can cause investors to exit advisor websites without submitting their contact data.

Creating a safe environment for investors to submit data is a critical component of our lead generation websites.

Service Fees

All service fees are based on your specific requirements and subject to quote.

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