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Read answers to the top 10 questions that financial advisors ask Paladin.

What are Paladin’s two types of lead generation services?

Paladin’s Registry produces leads for financial advisors. Paladin Digital Marketing provides Internet and website services that advisors use to produce their own leads.

How does the Registry produce leads for financial advisors?

The Registry uses Inbound Marketing to produce leads on its own websites. Additional leads are produced by partner websites.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing describes comprehensive services that include inbound marketing and the development of lead generation websites. Paladin can provide one or both types of digital marketing services.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is one of the primary digital marketing services – the other is custom, lead generation websites. The role of inbound marketing is to increase relevant website traffic by increasing internet visibility. Websites need the right kinds of traffic to produce leads for advisor services.

What is a custom lead generation website?

Paladin designs, develops, and maintains custom financial advisor websites that convert the traffic into leads. Site design is based on extensive interviews. Then we add relevant graphics, original content, and free offers that produce leads.

What is the fastest, easiest way to increase website traffic?

Depending on your location, Local SEO can increase traffic faster than other inbound marketing strategies. It is also the easiest to implement and the lowest cost.

Can Paladin produce content for an existing blog site?

Yes, Paladin has analysts, copywriters, and editors who can produce content for financial advisor blog sites. All persona-based content is written by experienced industry professionals.

How does Paladin pricing work?

All fees are subject to quote. We need to know your location, minimum asset requirement, and preferred service level (there are four) to quote a monthly fee for the Registry’s lead generation service. We need to know the size of a website to quote a development fee. We need to know the number of articles per month to quote a content marketing fee.

Do we have to be a member of the Registry to use Paladin’s digital marketing services?

No you do not. Our only requirement for these services is firms must be RIAs or IARs using DBAs.

What is the #1 reason why firms and professionals use Paladin’s consulting services?

They need new clients to grow their firms. They do not have an effective marketing strategy for producing the clients.

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