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About Us

We are a unique digital marketing agency for financial advisors.

Our co-founder built an RIA with more than 50,000 clients.

Our history starts when Jack Waymire started his own RIA in the 1980’s.

During the 2000-2002 stock market crash, Jack wrote: “Who’s Watching Your Money? The 17 Paladin Principles for Selecting a Financial Advisor” to help investors make better decisions when they selected financial professionals.

The firm Jack started was sold to SunGard Wealth Management in June, 2003. His book, published by John Wiley & Sons, was released six months later in December, 2003.

Who's Watching Your Money-Jack Waymire

The Investor/Advisor Connection

Paladin launched an investor education website in April 2004 that was based on the 17 principles in Jack’s book.

The content on this website has helped more than two million investors select higher quality financial advisors (RIAs, IARs, fiduciaries).

Media coverage also created thousands of inquiries from investors who were seeking high-quality financial advisors who had been vetted by Paladin.

In response to this demand, Paladin launched a new version of its website in October 2004 that profiled 360 vetted financial advisors. Since then, hundreds of thousands of investors have used Paladin’s service that matches them to vetted advisors.

In April 2018 Jack co-authored a second book that teaches investors how to use the Internet to find, screen, and contact financial advisors: 5 Steps for Selecting the Best Financial Advisor, How the Internet Has Changed the Game For Investors and Financial Advisors. This book achieved Amazon Best Seller status in its first 30 days.

This service was sold to in February 2019 so Paladin could focus its resources on the delivery of digital marketing services to financial advisors.

Paladin Digital Marketing Websites
Digital marketing for RIAs-Paladin Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency

In 2014, Paladin began receiving requests for digital marketing services from RIAs who wanted to: Expand their Internet visibility, increase their website traffic, and convert more website visitors into leads.

These firms wanted to outsouce the work to a digital marketing agency that specialized in working with financial service firms.

Paladin was uniquely qualified to provide digital marketing services to financial advisors. Paladin had spent the past 15 years using the Internet to   connect hundreds of thousands of investors to financial advisors in its Registry.

We responded by developing a comprehensive array of digital marketing services that could be tailored to the specific needs of financial advisors.

Hubspot Certified Agency

We’re proud to be a certified HubSpot agency, the originator of a premier inbound marketing and sales software platform.  Our clients benefit when HubSpot technology is integrated into their digital marketing process. One integrated platform manages multiple digital marketing campaigns for our clients.

paladin digital marketing Hubspot agency

The Internet Has Changed The Game

The Internet has had a major impact on a lot of industries. It is just beginning to impact the financial services industry. According to Google, one of the biggest Internet trends is the way consumers use it find, research, and contact several types of professionals (advisors, CPAs, attorneys).

This creates a major business opportunity for financial advisors who make a significant commitment to digital marketing.

It starts with Internet visibility. Investors must be able to find advisors on the Internet.

Next is what investors see on the Internet. They want to learn more about financial advisors before they contact them.

Last is financial advisor websites that convert more visitors into qualified leads.

We created Paladin Digital Marketing to help financial advisors use the Internet to accelerate the growth of their firms.

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The Internet is your best source for new clients, AUM, and revenue.
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How can we help?