Paladin is your best choice for digital marketing services

Top 10 Reasons

We surveyed our clients and asked them to tell us why they selected Paladin.

Their Top 10 Reasons make Paladin a unique digital marketing agency for planning and investment firms. No other agency duplicates all of these features.

Industry Knowledge

They wanted a digital marketing agency that understood how investors use the Internet to find, research, and contact financial advisors. Paladin has written a best-selling book on this topic.

Specialized Services

They wanted a provider that specialized in working with financial planning and investment firms. Paladin’s only works with firms in the financial service industry.

Custom Solutions

They wanted a digital marketing agency that provided services that were tailored to their firms’ unique characteristics and goals. They did not want cookie-cutter solutions that were already being used by hundreds or thousands of other firms.

Comprehensive Services

They wanted several digital marketing services from one provider. They did not want to deal with several firms that charged multiple fees for overlapping services.

Lead Generation Websites

They wanted custom websites that disseminated the right information, but more importantly they wanted websites that converted more visitors into qualified leads for their advice and services.

Visibility & Traffic

They wanted a firm that provided comprehensive Inbound Marketing services that increased their Internet visibility and website traffic.


They wanted one firm that was accountable for their digital marketing results: Internet visibility, website traffic, and website conversion rates.

Fixed Monthly Fee

They did not want to pay for several services separately. They wanted to pay one fixed monthly fee that covered all of their digital marketing requirements: Websites, content marketing, social media, local SEO, and email marketing.

Marketing Process

They wanted a firm that provided technology and strategy that helped them nurture strangers into leads, leads into prospects, and prospects into revenue-producing clients.

Best Practices

They wanted a company that provided services that were based on the best practices of firms that already use digital marketing to add new clients, assets, and revenues.

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