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Top 5 Reasons to Select Paladin

We provide a turnkey digital marketing platform that combines Website and Inbound Marketing services for a fixed monthly fee that is less than the cost of a part-time employee.

Following are the Top 5 Reasons why we believe Paladin is your best choice for a digital marketing service provider.

1. Financial Advisors Only

We are a highly specialized digital marketing agency. Our only type of client is a financial service firm that owns its brand and website. We do not provide advice or services to any other type of client.

2. Turnkey Service Provider

We provide a turnkey service that combines Inbound Marketing with a custom, lead generation website. Inbound Marketing produces Internet visibility and website traffic. The website converts traffic into qualified leads.

3. Fixed Monthly Fee

You do not pay a big fee upfront for a website and a monthly fee for Inbound Marketing. You pay a level, fixed monthly fee that covers all of Paladin’s digital marketing services.

4. Increased Accountability

You benefit when both services (website, Inbound Marketing) are provided by one firm. We are accountable for your Internet visibility, website traffic, and your website’s conversion rates.

5. Best Practices

We take the guesswork out of developing digital marketing platforms that produce results.

All of our design and service recommendations are based on 20 years of extensive market research and the best practices of hundreds of successful financial advisory firms.

How well do we know investors and advisors? We have written two books on the topic:

Investors hire you because you are a financial expert. When it comes marketing your services on the Internet, consider doing the same- hire our team of digital marketing experts.

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