Digital marketing should be a source of leads, not concerns

Digital Marketing Concerns

Prior to hiring Paladin, several financial advisory firms had not used digital marketing to add new clients, assets, and revenues.

They had a number of concerns they wanted addressed during the interview process. Does it work? How do we compete with the brand name firms? Does it produce positive ROI? How soon can we expect results?

See if any of their digital marketing concerns apply to your firm. These concerns make great questions when you interview Paladin.

No Online Visibility

Investors who know us enter our URL to find our website on the Internet. However, we are concerned we are invisible to investors who do not know our firm. We need a better way to reach strangers who use the Internet to find, research, and contact advisors.

No Local Visibility

We know Google wants to provide local service providers. We are concerned about our lack of local visibility. We are not sure how to increase our local visibility in a way that produces the right types of traffic to our website.

Google Name Searches

We are concerned about what investors “don’t see” when they Google search the name of our firm and the names of our key principals.

Blog Content

We do not have the time or inclination to write our own blog content. We have downloaded content from third party libraries, but that does not seem to impact our online visibility or traffic to our website. We are not sure why third party content does not produce any results.

Social Media

We are not sure about the best ways to connect with more investors using social media to expand the visibility of our content, reach influencers, and develop a list of followers.

Traffic & Time-On-Site

We are very concerned about our limited website traffic and time-on-site. The visitors we do get seem to be on and off the site very quickly. This short duration makes it difficult to create online connections with visitors.

Website Conversions

We have had our current website for a number of years. It has never converted visitors into qualified leads for our services. We are concerned because we know we are missing valuable opportunities to convert visitors into qualified leads.

Email Marketing

We send emails to investors and centers of influence on our drip lists. However, the drip emails do not produce leads or referrals for our services. We are concerned that we are wasting time and money.

Pay Per Click Advertising

We used PPC advertising to produce leads for our firm. The cost per validated lead was more than $600. There has to be a better way to use the Internet to produce leads for our firm.

Positive ROI

Digital is a new way to market our services. How do we know it will produce positive ROI?

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How can we help?