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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there two Paladins?

Yes, Paladin Digital Marketing provides website, Inbound Marketing, and consulting services to financial firms and professionals. Paladin Registry provides lead generation services to financial advisors and firms.

2. Is there different ownership for the two Paladins?

Although we share the Paladin name, Digital Marketing is owned by the professionals who work there. The Registry is owned by WiserAdvisor.com.

3. Why are there two Paladins?

The two firms can focus more of their resources on the delivery of their specialized types of marketing services for financial advisors. For example, Paladin Digital Marketing is focused on providing custom websites, Inbound Marketing, and consulting services. Paladin Registry is focused on the production of qualified leads.

4. Are the two Paladin’s focused on the same markets?

Yes, the two firms have identical markets: Financial firms (RIAs) and financial advisors (IARs). Some firms and professionals may also be hybrids.

5. Do the two Paladins work together?

Yes, financial firms and professionals that want to accelerate growth frequently use both services to maximize their production of qualified leads.

6. Do the two Paladin’s limit who they work for?

Yes, both firms work exclusively for Registered Investment Advisors and Investment Advisor Representatives. Some firms and professionals may be hybrids.

7. Are there any synergies that benefit me if I use both services?

Yes, both services have the same goal – produce leads for advisors. Digital marketing clients have access to marketing tools that reside on the Paladin Registry website. Lead generation clients benefit when Paladin Digital Marketing manages their online presence.

8. What is the major difference between the two services?

One service (Paladin Registry) produces leads for you. The other service (Paladin Digital Marketing) builds platforms so you can produce your own leads.

9. Is there one key contact who is responsible for the delivery of both sets of services?

No, you will have a key contact for each service, however, the contacts are in frequent communication with each other. They also have access to each other’s reports (data and analytics).

10. How do professionals use Paladin’s Digital Marketing services?

Professionals benefit when Paladin manages their online presence for them: Write blog articles, produce social posts, manage drip email campaigns.

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