Success requires goals, strategy, execution, and a willingness to change with the times.

Marketing Consulting

Want to increase your revenue, income, and net worth? The best way to do that is to increase your assets under management. But, you already know that. You also know market appreciation, reinvested income, and new money from current clients are three easy sources for producing that growth.

Your other primary source of growth is not so easy. You also need new clients that do more than offset client attrition and market declines.

We help RIAs and IARs develop and implement strategies that produce new clients.

Top Three Obstacles

What is your current strategy for producing new clients? Is this strategy meeting your expectations?

Paladin asked 382 financial advisory firms to list the top three reasons why they did not add more new clients each year. They said they did not:

  • Have enough qualified prospects to talk to each month
  • Receive enough referrals from current clients and COIs
  • Have an effective strategy for producing new clients

The Internet

The Internet can be a game changer if you have an effective digital marketing strategy.

Investors use the Internet to find, research, and initiate contact with financial advisors. You just have to make sure you are one of those advisors.

No more messy outbound marketing tactics trying to reach investors (telemarketing, direct mail) who do not want to be contacted.

Paladin Consulting

The Internet makes digital marketing possible. It represents a strategic alternative for adding new clients to your firm or practice.

However, digital is also a complex form of marketing because it requires investors to contact you. They must voluntarily give-up their anonymity when they contact financial advisors. The predisposition of most investors is to withhold this information from financial advisors they do not know.

You have a goal. We have the solution. We are a unique blend of industry and technical knowledge that can help you establish realistic goals and develop effective digital marketing strategies for achieving your goals. We can even help you execute the strategy with our lead generation and digital marketing services.

Next Step…..

Schedule a free, no obligation, 30 minute call with a Paladin consultant to discuss your goals and current marketing strategy. You will learn more about inbound marketing in 30 minutes than you would spending hundreds of dollars per hour on consultants who do not understand your business.

Paladin consultants help you make the right decisions the first time.

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