Marketing Tools

Our Registry service produces leads for you. Our Registry marketing tools and services help you convert more leads into prospects and convert more prospects into revenue-producing clients.


Converting a high percentage of prospects into clients is tough when you use the same marketing tactics as your competition. Our marketing tools differentiate you from other advisors in ways that matter to investors.

What Investors Want

Investors want competent, ethical advisors they can trust.

They want advisors who can help them achieve their  financial goals.

How do you convince investors you are that advisor?

Use differentiation to make you the safe, easy choice for investors.

Paladin Marketing Tools

Our marketing tools and services include:

  • Firm and professional research reports for transparency
  • Validation service for your credentials, ethics, and business practices
  • Directory application to increase online visibility and website traffic
  • Icons to validate the quality of your credentials and business practices
  • Credential Checking Service to validate the quality of your credentials
  • Publishing service to increase your online visibility and website traffic
  • Promotion services to expand your visibility on the Internet
  • Code of Ethics to differentiate you from other advisors
  • Marketing tools that are back-linked to your website

Investor Education

We also produce eBooks, videos, and animation that educate investors about financial advisors and general financial topics. Custom education can target specific markets, for example pre-retirees. Education is one of the best ways to establish you as a trustworthy, financial expert.

Custom Tools & Services

Paladin will produce custom marketing tools and services upon request.

What’s it Cost?

Most marketing tools and services are covered by Paladin’s Registry membership fee. Additional fees apply for some services.


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