Frequent Questions

We are their only online source for vetted, rated financial professionals (IARs) and firms (RIAs).
Our ratings are not for sale. They are earned based on comprehensive due diligence and a proprietary rating algorithm. Both processes have been reviewed by the SEC.
Three reasons. It is a minimum requirement to be listed in the Registry. Investors do not want to talk to lower rated advisors. Lower rated advisors do not want to explain why they do not qualify for higher ratings.
Yes, we are registered with the SEC. It has jurisdiction over firms that gather data from investors and use the data to match them to financial advisors.
Two reasons. Advisors and firms should not have to take significant financial risk (annual payments in advance) to join the Registry. Plus, we make it easy to leave the Registry if we do not meet your value expectations.
We have been in business for 12 years. Many of our members have been in the Registry for more than five years. All of our members can leave at any time.
We use five marketing strategies: SEO, SEM, Social, Partners, and Media.
They have an adequate flow of prospects each month. They want tools that help them convert more prospects into clients.
Paladin surveys show less than 10% of investors know how to determine advisor quality. They are prone to selecting advisors with the best sales pitches.
It is designed for firms or teams that want to profile multiple professionals. Three professionals are covered by the base fee. There is a nominal monthly fee for each additional professional.
Number of referrals. Higher service levels receive more referrals than lower service levels.
The highest service level, if you want to profile one professional, is Gold. This service level maximizes the number of referrals you receive from the Registry.
The number one reason is a marketing budget constraint. Also, you may not need a higher service level to achieve your goals.
Location impacts the monthly fee. It would not be fair to charge a member in a smaller city the same fee as a member in a bigger city. Number of referrals and population are highly correlated.
The revenue from one client should cover the Registry’s annual marketing expense for as many years as you retain the client.
Unfortunately, we cannot predict how many investors will use the Internet to find advisors in particular markets.
We need more information to answer this question: Location, minimum asset requirement, services, and marketing practices.
Never. All of your data are protected by our strict Privacy Policy that is audited by Truste.

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