We produce leads for members of the Registry

How it Works

Registration is required to be profiled in the Registry and receive leads.

Our registration process is fast, FREE, easy-to-use, and confidential:

  • You open an account so we can password protect your responses
  • You complete our online questionnaire
  • Your information is protected by our strict privacy policy

Questionnaire responses are used for vetting and the production of a professional profile that is provided to investors.

Review & Notification

We review your questionnaire responses and available public data.

We use a proprietary algorithm to rate the quality of your credentials, ethics, business practices, and services.

We email your results in three business days.


We bill a designated account once a month for your membership fee and your PAL marketing budget (determines number of leads).

You select the PAL budget that works best for you. The budget is based on the number of leads you would like to receive each month and your minimum asset requirement.


You begin receiving leads when your billing account is established and your profile is activated.

Number of Leads

The actual number of leads we produce each month is based on best efforts. It is impossible to predict how many investors will use the Internet to find advisors each month.

Marketing Tools

Your membership fee covers a number of marketing tools that will help you convert more leads into revenue-producing clients:

  • Professional profiles for increased transparency
  • A validation service for credentials, ethics, and business practices
  • Website icons that link to your Registry profile
  • Two books about advisors that were written by Paladin’s founder
  • A credential checking service that validates the quality of your certifications
  • A publishing service that establishes you as a financial expert
  • Digital marketing services that increase your Internet visibility
  • Educational eBooks for investors
  • Custom marketing tools for members of the Registry

Some tools or services may have additional fees.

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How can we help?