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  • Our registration process is online
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Our research team reviews your information and emails you the results in three business days or less.


Activation occurs after you have been approved by Paladin Research and you have established an electronic billing account.

We also have a compliance-hold feature that delays activation until you receive the required approval (if applicable).


We bill your designated account once a month. If you are activated on the 15th day of the month we bill your designated account on the 15th of each month. You can stop the billing at any time with an email or phone call to Paladin.

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We recommend talking to a Paladin representative to determine if our marketing services are right for you.

  • What is the right service level for your location?
  • Which minimum asset requirement is best for you?
  • Why expand your market area to cover more population?
  • How many leads can you expect?

Or, you may have questions about Paladin’s digital marketing services that can help you grow your assets under management even faster.

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How can we help?