Lead generation services for a fixed, monthly subscription fee.

Lead Generation Fees

ROI: One new client can cover our lead generation fee for as many years as you retain the client.

Subscription Fee

Our fixed, monthly subscription fee covers the Registry’s lead generation services. There are no:

  • Contracts
  • Time commitments
  • Payments in advance
  • Additional fees for leads

Service Levels

The Registry has five lead generation service levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and special situations.

Service levels are based on location and minimum asset requirement. For example, advisors in larger cities with higher minimums select Platinum or Gold memberships. Advisors in smaller cities with lower minimums usually select Silver or Bronze memberships.

Paladin rotates leads between advisors. The higher the service level the more frequently you come up in the rotation.

Talk to a Paladin representative to make sure you select the right service level for your business and market.

Types of Membership

We offer professional and firm memberships.

Select a professional membership if you are profiling one advisor. Select a firm membership if you are profiling multiple professionals.


You select your service level and minimum asset requirement. You can increase or decrease your service level at any time (subject to availability). You can login to your account and change your minimum asset requirement at any time.

Service Fees

Service fees are based on four variables:

  • Type of membership (professional, firm)
  • Your service level (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Special Situation)
  • Your minimum asset requirement (None, $50k, $100k, $250k, $500k, $1mm)
  • Your location (population)

Number of Leads

We cannot guarantee a specific number of leads each month. That’s because we cannot predict the number of investors who will use the Internet to find financial advisors in your area.

Special Situation Pricing

We have special situation pricing for advisory firms that have additional requirements:

  • Expanded geographies
  • Multiple locations
  • Additional advisors who want leads
  • Higher than normal lead flows
  • Virtual marketing strategies
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