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Our Marketing Fees

You pay fixed monthly fees for Paladin’s lead generation services.

One fee covers your membership in the Registry. The other fee is your PAL marketing budget that covers our lead generation expenses.


Both fees are based on a month-to-month relationship.

There are no contracts, no annual payments in advance, and no minimum time commitments.

We are confident we can help you accelerate the growth of your business.

Membership Fee

Your membership fee covers Paladin expenses for running the Registry:

  • Processing leads
  • Advisor due diligence
  • Professional profiles
  • Marketing services and tools
  • Investor education
  • Other administrative services

PAL Marketing Budget

PAL is the program that produces leads for members of the Registry.

You establish a monthly budget based on:

  • The number of leads you would like to receive each month
  • Your minimum asset requirement
  • Your maximum asset requirement (if applicable)

You can increase or decrease your PAL marketing budget at any time.

The PAL lead generation fee is in addition to the membership fee.

Special Situation Pricing

Additional pricing options are available for firms and professionals who have special requirements: Virtual Marketing, Expanded Geographies, Additional Offices, Multiple Advisors, Increased Lead Flows.

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How can we help?