The Registry is Paladin's lead generation service.

Paladin Registry

Paladin has produced, validated, and processed more than 325,000 leads for financial advisors who are profiled in its Registry.

More than 2.3 million investors have visited Paladin websites for three reasons:

  • They are seeking competent, ethical financial advisors
  • They want to know who is available in their communities
  • They want to learn more about financial advisors

Lead Types

Registry leads are individual investors who are seeking planning, investment, insurance, tax, or legal advice. 86% of the leads are individuals and families who want planning and investment services. For example, they are:

  • Replacing current financial advisors
  • First time users of advisor services (rolling 401k assets into IRAs)
  • Relocating to a new city
  • Suddenly responsible for a substantial amount of assets

Sources of Leads

We use Inbound Marketing strategies to produce traffic for Paladin websites. For example, there are more than 300,000 references to Paladin and the Registry on the Internet. Our organic rankings produce traffic that our websites convert into leads for advisors who are profiled in the Registry.

Paladin Registry also partners with third party websites to increase its Internet visibility and reach. We pay partners for validated leads that are produced by their websites.

A third source of leads is media when they write articles about Paladin and reference or quote our professionals in articles about financial advisors.

Rotating Leads

We rotate leads between members based on service levels (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Special Situation), location, minimum asset requirement, and services. In general, members with higher service levels receive more leads than members with lower service levels.

Processing Leads

Paladin search consultants match investors to advisors. They:

  • Gather data from investors
  • Validate the accuracy of investor data
  • Match investor data to advisor data
    • For example, investors’ available assets and advisors’ minimum asset requirements
  • Send simultaneous emails to investors and advisors

Quantity of Leads

Number of leads vary based on advisor locations (population), minimum asset requirements (there are six), and service levels (there are five).

Paladin cannot predict the number of leads you will receive each month because we cannot predict the number of investors who will use the Internet to find advisors in your area.

Marketing Tools

A subscription to the Registry’s lead generation services includes access to several marketing tools that will help you convert  more leads into revenue-producing clients:

  • Professional profiles for increased transparency
  • A validation service for your credentials, ethics, and business practices
  • Website icons that link to your Registry profile
  • A credential checking service that validates the quality of your certifications
  • A publishing service that establishes you as a financial expert
  • Digital marketing services that increase your Internet visibility
  • Educational eBooks for investors
  • Custom marketing tools for members of the Registry
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