We have generated qualified leads for financial advisors since 2004

Lead Generation

We produce qualified leads for financial advisors (RIAs, IARs) who are members of Paladin’s Registry.

Individual Investors

Registry leads are individual investors who are seeking planning and investment professionals. Examples of leads include investors who are:

  • Replacing current financial advisors
  • First-time users of advisor services (rolling 401k assets into IRAs)
  • Do It Yourself investors transitioning to financial advisors
  • Relocating to a new city
  • Special situations (inheritors, divorcees, widows)

SEO Leads

A primary source of leads is Paladin’s main website for investors.

There are more than 300,000 references to Paladin and the Registry on the Internet. We also rank for several hundred keywords that produce thousands of visitors per month to our main website.

We convert a percentage of this traffic into qualified leads that we match to our members.

3rd Party Leads

We advertise on third party websites to extend our reach on the Internet.

In general, investors visit these websites when they are seeking financial information and services. Our interest is investors who are seeking professionals who provide financial advice and services.

Another third party source is media when they write articles about Paladin or quote our founder who has written two books on advisor related topics.

Google search “Paladin Registry” to view articles, quotes, and references.

Inbound Only

Paladin does not use any “Outbound” Marketing tactics, for example cold calling and direct mail to reach investors and produce leads for financial advisors. All leads are produced by Paladin’s “Inbound” Marketing efforts that require investors to initiate contact with Paladin and the advisors who are profiled in its Registry.

Consequently, Paladin is a source of warm leads because contact is always initiated by the investor.

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How can we help?