The Registry has produced qualified leads for financial advisors since 2004

About Lead Generation

We use Inbound Marketing to produce leads for advisors who are members of our Registry.

There is no solicitation. Investors use a free Paladin service to initiate contact with advisors.

Types of Leads

Registry leads are individual investors who are seeking planning and investment services. Examples of leads include investors who are:

  • Replacing current financial advisors
  • First-time users of advisor services (rolling 401k assets into IRAs)
  • Do It Yourself investors transitioning to financial advisors
  • Relocating to a new city
  • Special situations (inheritors, divorcees, widows)

Sources of Leads (Internet)

There are more than 300,000 references to Paladin and the Registry on the Internet.

We rank for several hundred keywords that produce thousands of visitors per month to our websites.

Our websites use Inbound Marketing principles to convert visitors into leads.

Sources of Leads (Affiliates, Media)

We also affiliate with third parties to increase our Internet visibility and reach.

We advertise the Registry on affiliated websites that have substantial traffic for financial topics and services.

Media is another source of leads when they write articles about Paladin or quote our founder who has written two books on advisor related topics.

Data Gathering

Paladin uses a variety of landing pages to gather data from investors.

The landing pages also educate investors so they make the right decisions when they select financial advisors.

We provide the information on the landing pages to our members so they know a lot about the investors before they contact them.

Validating Leads

Paladin search consultants are responsible for validating leads and matching investors to the right advisors. Our search professionals are responsible for:

  • Validating the accuracy of investor data
  • Matching investor data to member data
  • Sending simultaneous, introductory emails to investors and members
  • Follow-up with investors

Allocating  Leads

A Registry computer program rotates available leads between Registry members based on their locations, minimum asset requirements, services, and recent activity.

Quantity of Leads

Your number of leads will be based on your location, minimum asset requirement, and monthly PAL marketing budget. We use best efforts to produce the number of leads that are covered by your PAL budget.

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How can we help?