Paladin’s Team of Professionals

Jack Waymire, Founder & Author, Paladin Digital Marketing

Jack Waymire

Founder & Author

Jack founded and built an RIA that had more than 50,000 institutional and individual clients. He authored Who’s Watching Your Money? and founded the Paladin Registry in 2003. He provides strategic planning and business development services to Paladin clients.

Debbie Freeman, Director, Inbound Marketing for Paladin Digital Marketing

Debbie Freeman

Director, Inbound Marketing

Debbie has spent the past 16 years working with RIAs and IARs. She is a senior project manager at Paladin and Hubspot Certified for Inbound Marketing.

Tiffaney Cahill, Investor and Advisor Services Manager, Paladin Registry

Tiffaney Cahill

Investor & Advisor Services Manager

Tiffaney is responsible for vetting, rating, and validating the quality of financial firms and advisors for the Paladin Registry.  She also manages Paladin’s referral services that match investors to Registry members.

Tiffaney Cahill, Manager, Member Services for Paladin Registry

Susan Bishop

Senior Editor

Susan is the senior editor for Paladin’s publishing services. She is responsible for three blog sites and syndication for content that is produced by members of the Paladin Registry and Paladin Partners.

Ron Surz, Paladin FinTech, Paladin Digital Marketing

Ron Surz

Director, Paladin FinTech

Ron has more than 30 years of experience helping RIAs and IARs grow their assets under management. He holds a patent for glide path investing and is the founder of Target Date Solutions. He is responsible for Paladin relationships with FinTech companies and money managers.

Matt Halloran, Financial Advisor Coach

Matt Halloran

Director, Practice Management

Matt has provided coaching services to more than 500 financial advisors and firms. He has been named a top coach by INC magazine. He is responsible for the development and management of coaching services for Paladin clients.

Aldo Perez, Lead Graphic Designer, Tactibrand

Tamik Soziev

Lead Developer

Tamik has 10 years of design and development experience. He is responsible for the development and maintenance of all Paladin owned websites.

Cortney Bandar, Inbound Marketing Specialist, Paladin Digital Marketing

Cortney Bandar

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Cortney manages projects for Paladin’s Inbound Marketing clients and also oversees our outreach efforts and presence on LinkedIn.

Teresa Leno, Director, Advisor Content, Fresh Finance

Teresa Leno

Director, Advisor Content

Teresa has 15 years of financial industry experience. She is the founder of Fresh Finance and an expert on developing investor-friendly content for advisor blogs, websites, and marketing campaigns.

Jeanne Klimowski, Director Advanced Marketing

Jeanne Klimowski

Director, Advanced Marketing

Jeanne has 25 years experience helping consumers understand complex financial principles and topics. She is the founder of Wavelength Financial Education, Inc. and is an expert at developing user-friendly, jargon-free content that helps consumers interact with financial advisors and firms