We provide a digital marketing department for a fixed monthly fee

Digital Marketing Service Fees

You select the service level and fee arrangement that works best for your firm’s goals, marketing strategy, and budget.


There are no contracts! You have a month-to-month relationship with Paladin.

5 Service Levels

You choose a service level that works best for you: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus.

The service level determines the amount of Paladin’s resources that you receive each month. For example, we produce more articles and social posts for higher service levels, which accelerates the expansion of ¬†their Internet visibility and website traffic.

OnBoarding Fee

We charge a one-time on boarding fee for new clients that covers the launch of our digital marketing services: Questionnaire, interviews, market research, key features & benefits, differentiating characteristics, and the development of a digital marketing strategy.

Fixed Monthly Fee

A fixed monthly retainer covers the expense for all of our website and Inbound Marketing services. There are no additional fees unless you increase your service level or require one or more specialty services.

This fee arrangement works best when you are seeking a digital marketing department.

Individual Fees

What if you only require one digital marketing service? You only pay for that specific service. For example, you want to update the content of an existing site or add a free offer to expand your drip list of future clients.

5 pricing options: Select the one that fits your digital marketing budget.

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How can we help?