Local SEO for Financial Advisors

77.4% of Americans say they start their searches for new services and products on the Internet. And, 65.3% say they use the information they find online to make better decisions.

How important is local? 25.2% of Google’s ranking factors are impacted by local visibility. 88.6% of investors say they prefer working with local financial professionals

Local Listings

Also known as Local SEO, Local Listings is Paladin directory management service that impacts financial advisor visibility in their primary markets.

The top five directories are: Google, Bing, Yelp, FourSquare, and FaceBook.

Paladin produces and manages an additional 50-65 online directory listings for you.

How Local SEO Works

Local Listings work in cities where you have physical and virtual offices.

Three key elements impact the success of a local listing marketing strategy:

  • Consistency of information to increase Google confidence
  • Richness of listing data
  • The breadth of the references – number of listings

Paladin Services

Our technology creates and maintains listings  (also know as citations) on the directory websites.

Our monthly reports track and analyze:

  • Organic search ranks for important local keyword terms
  • Citation tracking and monitoring of the top directories
  • Listings for accuracy and consistency
  • Online reviews and ratings that apply to you
  • Your Google local account data

Why Use Local Listings?

This Inbound Marketing strategy is the easiest , fastest, lowest cost way to increase your local visibility on the Internet.

The best visibility is local visibility that produces prospects you can meet with.

What Does It Cost?

You pay a nominal set-up fee and fixed monthly fee. There is a 12 month minimum requirement for this service.

One new client covers your annual local SEO expense, several times over, for as many years as you retain the client.

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