Introduction to Inbound Marketing

“Automated marketing involves creating an effective website, attracting interest to the site, building trust with visitors, and offering something that will prompt them to submit their contact information. The process has to overcome the natural human inclination to keep that information private.” Source: Liz Skinner, Investment News, May 1, 2017.

Outbound Marketing 

Most advisors use Outbound sales tactics to initiate contact with investors, even when the investors do not want to be contacted. Consequently, Outbound Marketing tactics:

  • Are expensive and time consuming
  • Have high rejection rates
  • Are producing diminishing returns

How tough is Outbound? Thousands of advisors have left the financial service industry because they burned out trying to reach disinterested investors.

Inbound Marketing

You have read about the Internet impacting the marketing strategies of other industries. Now it is impacting the strategies of the financial service industry.

When investors use the Internet to find, screen, and initiate contact with advisors, the Internet becomes a major marketing opportunity for advisors.

This opportunity is based on Inbound Marketing principles.

Inbound Principles

For Inbound Marketing to work:

  • Investors have to be able to find you on the Internet
  • They must visit your website
  • Your website must convince them to submit their contact data
  • Your sales process must convert leads into prospects and clients

Why Paladin?

We have used Inbound Marketing principles since 2003.

We only work with financial advisory firms.

We know investors use the Internet to find, screen, and contact advisors. We know advisors use the Internet to market their services to investors.

We are a team of specialized technical professionals.

Our Inbound Marketing systems produce results – hundreds of thousands of leads (more than $100 billion) since 2003.

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