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About Inbound Marketing

Increasing numbers of financial firms and professionals are transitioning from Outbound to Inbound Marketing strategies.

That’s because Inbound produces superior results.

Outbound Marketing

Financial advisors have used Outbound Marketing for decades to initiate contact with investors:

  • Hundreds of cold calls per day
  • Mass emails and thousands of pieces of direct mail
  • Rejection rates approaching 100%
  • A lot of time and expense for little or no return on investment

How many advisors do you know who left the industry because they burned out trying to contact people who did not want to be contacted?

Today, Outbound Marketing is even tougher when investors use caller ID and spam filters to avoid advisors.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is an investor-centric strategy that uses the Internet to produce visitors for financial advisor websites.

A combination of content marketing, social media, and local SEO produce the website traffic.

At its core, Inbound Marketing is based on a mutual exchange of relative value. You want the the visitors’ contact information. Visitors want immediate contact or access to a compelling free offer on your website.

How it Works

The Internet has changed the way several industries market their services and products. It is just beginning to change the way the industry markets financial advice and services to investors.

The early adopters already get it. These financial advisors have embraced the use of the Internet and Inbound Marketing to help them accelerate the growth of  their businesses.

Inbound reverses Outbound’s biggest liability when investors initiate contact with advisors.

The foundation of Inbound Marketing includes:

  • Internet Visibility: Investors have to be able to find you
  • Website Traffic: Investors have to visit your website; this is your only chance to convert a visitor into a lead
  • Website Conversions: Your website has to convert visitors into qualified leads

Why it Works

Inbound Marketing works because it is based on the way people naturally search for service providers.

They use the Internet to learn more about financial advisors. The more they know the more comfortable they are selecting advisors to help them plan their financial futures and invest their assets.

Next, they use the Internet to find advisors they want to interview. They can conduct keyword searches on the major search engines or use third party match services like Paladin Registry.

Next, they use the Internet to screen financial advisors to determine who they want to interview.

Last, they use the Internet to initiate contact with advisors or they use a third party service, like the Paladin Registry, to initiate contact for them.

Your Sales Results

The final step in the Inbound Marketing process is the interview, which is your opportunity to convince investors to select you versus a competitor. There are three possible outcomes:

  • Prospects say “Yes” and become revenue producing clients
  • Prospects say “No” and end-up in your CRM system
  • Prospects say “I want to think about it” and end-up in your CRM system

The marketing process is not over until the investor says: Yes, No, or  Unsubscribe.

Why Paladin?

We have the specialized industry, marketing, and technical expertise you need to develop and implement an Inbound Marketing strategy that is based on your firm’s requirements.

  • We have used Inbound Marketing since 2004
  • We can integrate Lead Generation into Inbound Marketing
  • We know how investors use the Internet to find advisors
  • We know how advisors use the Internet to increase visibility, traffic, and leads

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