Outbound Marketing is the past
Inbound Marketing is the future

About Inbound Marketing

Increasing numbers of financial firms and professionals are transitioning from Outbound Marketing to Inbound Marketing.

About Outbound Marketing

Financial advisors have used Outbound Marketing tactics for decades to initiate contact with investors.

That has always been Outbound’s major flaw: Advisors had to initiate contact with investors who did not want to be contacted.

  • Advisors made hundreds of cold calls to talk to a few potential prospects
  • Thousands of pieces of direct mail may have produced a few prospects
  • Rejection rates approached 100%

New client acquisition costs soared when these marketing tactics producing diminishing returns.

About Inbound Marketing

Increasing numbers of financial advisors are using the Internet and Inbound Marketing to grow their businesses.

Inbound reverses Outbound’s biggest problem because investors initiate contact with advisors.

You need Internet visibility and website traffic to produce warm leads for your advice and services.

The Inbound Funnel

At the top of the Inbound Marketing sales funnel is the Internet. Investors have to find you to initiate contact.

In the middle of the funnel is traffic – that is investors visiting your website.

Near the bottom of the funnel is your website. It converts visitors into qualified leads.

Your sales process and skills convert leads into prospects when you establish mutual interest.

Your Sales Results

There are three outcomes at the bottom of the funnel:

  • Prospects say “Yes” and become revenue producing clients
  • Prospects say “No” and end-up in your CRM system
  • Prospects say “I don’t know” and end-up in your CRM system

The marketing process is not over until the investor says “No” and/or “Unsubscribe”.

Why Paladin?

We have the industry and technical knowledge you need to develop and implement an Inbound Marketing strategy.

  • We have used Inbound Marketing since 2004
  • We can integrate Lead Generation into Inbound Marketing
  • We know how investors use the Internet to find advisors
  • We know how advisors use the Internet to increase visibility, traffic, and leads

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