You need Internet visibility and website traffic to produce leads for your firm.

Inbound Marketing

Digital marketing involves creating an effective website, attracting interest to the site, building trust with visitors, and offering something that will prompt them to submit their contact information. The process has to overcome the natural human inclination to keep that information private. Source: Liz Skinner, Investment News, May 1, 2017.

Our inbound marketing services produce Internet visibility and website traffic.

Outbound Marketing

Advisors have used outbound marketing tactics for decades to initiate contact with investors. It gave them control over the marketing process:

  • Number of telemarketing calls per day
  • Quantity of direct mail per month
  • What investors know about advisors

But, outbound marketing always had several negative consequences. For example, advisors had to initiate contact with investors who did not want to be contacted. Rejection rates approached 100% for an expensive, time-consuming marketing process that has produced diminishing returns over the past several years.

Tens of thousands of financial advisors have left the industry because they could not produce adequate results using outbound marketing tactics.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the opposite of outbound – investors initiate contact with financial advisors. They use the Internet to find advisors, research them, and initiate contact when they are ready to interview them.

You have already seen the Internet change peoples’ buying habits in other industries. For example, the way people buy books. We believe the Internet is just beginning to impact the way millions of investors buy financial advice and services.

A few financial advisory firms have already mastered the science of inbound marketing. Most advisors are just becoming aware of its potential to help them expand their businesses.

Our Inbound Services

We provide three core inbound marketing services that drive your digital marketing results:

  • Local SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Networks

Digital Sales Funnels

Paladin’s inbound services are part of a comprehensive digital marketing process that is based on a six step sales funnel. Investors:

  • Find advisors on the Internet
  • Visit financial advisor websites
  • Research advisors on the Internet
  • Contact advisors (email, website)
  • Interview advisors (traditional, virtual)
  • Select the best advisors

Digital marketing straetgies for financial advisors must mirror the processes that investors use to find, research, and contact them.

Why Paladin?

We have the specialized knowledge you need to develop and implement an inbound marketing strategy.

  • We have used inbound marketing since 2004
  • We know how investors use the Internet to find advisors
  • We know how advisors use the Internet to increase visibility and traffic

We have produced more than 325,000 leads ($135 billion) for members of our Registry.

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