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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there two Paladins?

Yes, Paladin Digital Marketing is owned by its founders. It is a digital marketing agency agency that provides websites, Inbound Marketing, and consulting services to financial advisors. Paladin Registry is owned by It provides lead generation services to financial advisors.

What types of firms use Paladin’s digital marketing services?

Paladin’s only type of client is a financial service firm: Planners, Advisors, Managers, Consultants.

Does Paladin’s digital marketing services produce positive ROI for several years?

Yes, all it takes is a few new clients during the first year to pay for Paladin’s digital marketing services for as many years as you retain the clients. New client requirements are impacted by minimum asset requirements.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a combination of services that increase your Internet visibility and produce traffic for your website: Blog content, social media, local SEO, and email marketing.

Why is Inbound Marketing important?

Websites do not produce their own traffic. Inbound Marketing produces traffic for websites.

How do I know if we need a new website?

Does your current website convert visitors into qualified leads. If the answer is no, you would benefit from a new website that is designed to produce leads.

Can a bad website be fixed?

It depends on the platform that the website runs on and our access to the code that runs the site. Sometimes, a new website is your lower cost option.

What is a custom, lead generation website?

It is a Paladin website that converts more visitors into qualified leads.

How do I know if we would benefit from Inbound Marketing?

How visible is your firm on the Internet? How many investors visit your website each month? If visibility and traffic are low, you would benefit from Inbound Marketing.

What are the responsibilities of Paladin’s Digital Marketing Department service?

Paladin is responsible for your Internet visibility, website traffic, the operation of your website, and your website’s conversion rates.

How is Paladin compensated?

You pay a one time onboarding fee and a monthly retainer. These fees cover all of Paladin’s digital marketing services. Does not include optional services (see below).

Does Paladin offer any optional marketing services?

We provide the following optional services (partial list): Naming conventions, logos, whiteboarding, video, press releases, and print materials to name a few.

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