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Paladin FAQs

Following are responses to frequently asked questions about the Paladin companies.

When did Paladin start providing services to investors and advisors?

Paladin started in 2003 when its first book (Who’s Watching Your Money?) was published by John Wiley & Sons.

How did Paladin get into the lead generation business?

We developed a website based on the 17 principles in our book. Visitors to the site started asking about vetted advisors. We launched a second version of the website in October, 2004 that included a Registry of 360 vetted advisors.

Why did Paladin sell its lead generation service to WiserAdvisor in March 2019?

WiserAdvisor is a major lead generation company that serves financial advisors. Paladin is one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in America serving financial planning and investment firms. The sale enabled both firms to focus on what they do best.

What are the connections between Paladin Digital Marketing and Paladin Registry?

There are three connections. They share the Paladin name. They serve the same markets. They generate leads for their clients. On the other hand, they have separate ownership and they provide different services.

What services are provided by Paladin Digital Marketing?

This Paladin company is a digital marketing agency that provides a comprehensive array of website and Inbound Marketing services to financial planning and investment firms. See What We Do on this website for more information about our services.

What makes Paladin Digital Marketing a unique service provider?

In a word: experience. Paladin used the Internet and Inbound Marketing for 15 years (2004-2019) to produce hundreds of thousands of leads for financial advisors.

Why did this Paladin company decide to focus on digital marketing services?

We believe Outbound Marketing is obsolete. We believe Inbound Marketing is the best way to generate investor leads for financial planning and investment management firms.

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