FinTech is the future!

According to Wikipedia, financial technology, also known as FinTech, is an industry that uses technology to make the delivery of financial services more efficient and cost effective.

Financial technology companies are generally start-ups that were established to disrupt existing financial systems that rely on traditional sales and service models.

Financial services is vulnerable to disruption by technology because the industry, much like publishing, is based on information and not physical goods.

Progressive financial service firms and professionals are beginning to integrate FinTech applications into their business practices and services. Global spending on Financial Technologies has increased 1,200% in the past five years ($930 million to $12 billion).

Paladin FinTech

Paladin’s website is a portal for FinTech applications that change the way RIAs:

  • Win new clients
  • Deliver advice and services
  • Manage client assets
  • Improve client results
  • Market and deliver virtual services
  • Communicate with current clients

We focus on FinTech applications that are used by independent RIAs versus banks, insurance companies, and the big Wall Street firms.

Approved FinTech Providers

We research FinTech service providers before they are listed on the Paladin website.

We provide the information you need to determine if a FinTech application will help you grow your business:

  • An approved list of FinTech service providers
  • Summary descriptions for their services
  • Additional information about their services
  • Background information for the service provider
  • Links to provider websites and reviews

Ron Surz, Partner

Ron Surz is the partner in charge of vetting third party FinTech service providers.

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