Leads are important
So are credibility and trust

Digital Marketing Services for Financial Advisors

What do investors see when they Google-search your name on the Internet? Something or nothing? Which is worse?

Does what they see create a positive first impression? Does that first impression cause investors to want to contact you.

You should assume prudent, cautious investors will check you out on the Internet. It is an easy, convenient way for them to protect their financial interests.

Their use of the Internet creates a major business opportunity for enterprising financial advisors.

Types of Professionals

Professionals who use our marketing services have the following characteristics:

  • They are RIAs or IARs
  • They are financial fiduciaries
  • They are fee-only or fee-based
  • They provide planning, investment, and other types of financial services

Lead Generation

Paladin Registry is used by financial professionals who want leads produced for them.


We produce original content that professionals can publish on their firms’ or third party blog sites.


We serve advisors who want to use Inbound Marketing to boost their credibility with investors.


We serve financial advisors who want to use the Internet to increase transparency for information that is important to investors: Credentials, ethics, business practices, and services.

Paladin Registry produces leads for you. Paladin Digital Marketing builds platforms so you can produce your own leads.



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How can we help?