Websites produce revenue when they convert visitors into qualified leads.

Financial Advisor Websites

Financial advisor websites have three minutes to promote brands, create credibility/trust, and convince visitors to submit their contact information.

Want to verify this statement for your website? Use Google Analytics to check the average amount of time visitors spend on your website.


Investors are naturally cautious, which makes them quick to judge, for three reasons:

  • They do not know how to identify and select the best financial advisors
  • There is a major financial risk if they select the wrong advisors
  • They use a process of exclusion to select advisors

Your website has a one-time opportunity to overcome these concerns.

Best Practices

This page contains tips that are based on best practices for financial advisor websites that produce qualified leads. After you read the tips ask yourself three important questions:

  • How does your current website measure up?
  • Does your current website produce leads for your firm?
  • What can you do to improve your digital marketing results?

Home Page Messaging

Our surveys show visitors will spend approximately 10 seconds on your home page. This is the amount of time your website has to produce a first impression that keeps visitors on your website. The longer investors stay on your website, the higher the probability they will submit their contact information.


Website navigation must be intuitive so it is easy for investors to find the information they are seeking. Surveys show investors will exit financial advisor sites before they will spend time searching for information. One topic per page, that is accessible from the top navigation, works best.

On-Page Messaging

Use the top of each page to deliver compelling messages to investors. The role of the messaging is to keep investors on the page and your website. The more they know about your firm the higher the probability they will initiate contact by submitting their contact information.


You get to choose between real photos and stock photos for your website. Numerous surveys show investors prefer real photos that display professionals, staff, facilities, and technology. It may be their only opportunity to develop a visual image of you and your firm. Images should also be relevant. If your primary client is a business owner in his 50’s, then your visual images should resonate with business owners in their 50’s.

Original Content

Your website must have the right content to convince visitors to contact you. The content must be clear and concise due to time limitations and the attention spans of visitors. We recommend practicing the highest level of transparency you are comfortable with so you stand-out when investors compare your content to other advisor websites.

Free Offers

The content on your website may not be enough to convince visitors to contact you. Your back-up strategy should be compelling free offers in the form of eBooks. Our surveys show other types of free offers don’t work. You should avoid offers that require investors to submit data (financial plans, portfolios, risk tolerance) to your firm.


You should minimize the number of distractions on your website so investors focus on the content and offers that will cause them to give-up their anonymity. Examples of distractions can include calculators and white-papers. Do you want investors using calculators or learning more about your firm?

Safe Environment

Investors must feel safe before they will submit their contact data to financial firms they find on the Internet. The best way to do this is to document what happens next when you have the investors’ contact information. A strict privacy policy is also a major plus.

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