Our relationship managers are supported by teams of digital marketing experts

A turnkey digital marketing solution from one provider.

Your Full-Service Digital Marketing Department

Each Paladin team has 7 specialized professionals.

The Choice

Perhaps you have already decided to use digital marketing to produce your own leads. Or, you are still questioning whether the Internet is a good use of your marketing dollars.

Either way, you need information so you can make the right decision.

If you have already made your digital marketing decision and you have decided to outsource the work, your next step is selecting the agency that provides the services you need to build Internet visibility, website traffic, and a website that converts traffic into leads.

Or, you still have questions about how digital marketing can produce high quality leads that will accelerate the growth of your firm.

Either way, we should schedule a time to talk about your goals and requirements.

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Team of Professionals

Our digital marketing teams include the following types of professionals:

  • Strategists & Consultants
  • Designers & Developers
  • Writers & Editors
  • Social Media Professionals
  • Local SEO Specialists
  • Online Advertising Experts
  • Video Producers
  • Email Marketing Experts

Additional specialists are available upon request.

Accountability Matters

When Paladin is your digital marketing department we are accountable for:

  • Increasing your Internet visibility
  • Expanding your local online visibility
  • Producing more traffic for your website
  • Managing your email marketing strategy
  • Converting more traffic into qualified leads

Seamless Service

What if you have a great website, but no traffic that it can convert into leads? Or, you have substantial traffic but your website is not designed to convert visitors into leads? The bottom-line is you need both, which is why we provide a seamless service.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Each Paladin digital marketing client has a dedicated relationship manager so there is a single point of contact. The relationship manager is supported by a team of dedicated specialists. Plus, the manager is responsible for reporting your digital marketing results.

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Our Services

Following is a partial list of our digital marketing services:

  • Developing a digital marketing business plan
  • Designing and developing a custom, lead generation website
  • Writing original content for your blog
  • Managing your social media campaigns
  • Monitoring your Local SEO presence
  • Managing your email marketing campaigns
  • Producing online videos
  • Monitoring Internet visibility, website traffic, conversion rates
  • Hosting, maintaining and enhancing your website

Five Service Levels

We offer several service levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum Plus. You select the one that best fits your requirements, goals, and marketing budget.

Higher service levels produce more Internet visibility and website traffic faster than lower service levels.

Service level pricing is based on amounts of work. For example, the number of:

  • Blog articles and pillar pages we write each month
  • The number of social media posts we produce each month
  • The number of email¬†marketing campaigns we generate each month

Our Unique Pricing

You pay a one-time onboarding fee that covers the cost of our start-up services.

You pay a fixed monthly fee that covers the cost of services that increase your Internet visibility and website traffic. This monthly fee also covers the cost of designing, developing, managing, hosting, and maintaining a custom, lead generation website.

Our team of professionals is available for optional marketing projects that are not covered by our monthly service fee.

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How can we help?

How can we help?