Why Paladin?

The financial service industry has been dominated by Outbound Marketing for decades. Advisors used telemarketing, direct mail, and free offers to initiate contact with investors – even when the investors did not want to be contacted.

The Internet has changed the game.

It makes Inbound Marketing possible which causes investors to initiate contact with financial advisors. No more contacting people who do not want to be contacted.

Why Paladin?

We are a unique blend of industry knowledge and technical expertise that enables us to build and implement digital marketing platforms that produce leads for financial advisors:

  • How investors use the Internet to find, research, and select advisors
  • How advisors market their advice and services on the Internet

Our Experience

We have used Inbound Marketing to produce more than 300,000 ($125 billion) leads for financial advisors since 2003.

We know the web, we know the financial services industry, and we’re here to help you use the Internet to grow your business. We specialize in the fields of web development, designing & maintenance, website redesigning, web programming, e-Commerce solutions and online marketing for businesses. 

We specialize in the fields of web design, development, maintenance, enhancements, programming, branding, and online marketing services for advisors 

We use our specialized knowledge to develop custom Inbound Marketing services for financial advisors.

We Know Investors

We started researching investors in 2000 when we were writing our book: Who’s Watching Your Money? Since then, we have updated our market research with semi-annual surveys.

We wanted to know how investors use the Internet to:

  • Find financial advisors
  • Learn more about financial advisors
  • Contact financial advisors
  • Select financial advisors

We Know Advisors

Our only clients are RIAs and IARs. We do not work with any other type of client.

We have spent the past 14 years helping hundreds of financial advisory firms and professionals grow their businesses.

This experience has given us some unique insight into which marketing strategies work and which ones are a waste of time and money.

We Know Digital Marketing

We are the only HubSpot agency that works exclusively with financial advisors.

More than 225,000 investors ($65 billion) have used our online Registry to find and research financial advisors.

Our core expertise includes: Local SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Social, Free Offers, Drip Systems, and Investor Education

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